First Post

I've always hated the first post on any blog or various other journal, because they always seem to be just about why the author is starting their particular blog, without actually getting down to any meat. Posting about why you're starting a blog seems to be at odds, almost by definition, with actually having a reason for starting a blog - theoretically, if you have a reason to start a blog, you already have something to write about and should just get down to it, rather than writing up some masturbatory paragraph about WHY you want to write on that topic. Frankly, who cares?

That said, I hope to keep this project up. I've always had an affinity for doling out advice, and for doing deep philosophical thinking on pretty much any topic that hoves into my field of vision. I have often grown tired of spouting these thoughts over and over again to multiple people - they often lose their punch after the first couple times, as I get bored with the basic concept and want to go on further, but one must always help others catch up to the thought before you can start bouncing around new ideas and progress with it.

So the basic idea here is to put all these thoughts in one place, whether they're inspired by real life events, news events, posts from other people, etc. etc. I would very much like to get feedback from people who may happen across this, providing food for further thought and maybe allowing progression of various trains of thought beyond where they could get just chugging along inside my own head.

I know that people I know are going to happen across this badboy, mostly because you have to start somewhere with getting people to read your bullshit, but ideally it will also get some feedback from people I DON'T know.

I will try to update regularly. Maybe a couple times a week? I should really force some designated time into a couple days in order to put something down. I know that things like this shouldn't feel like work, but until you really get into the habit of doing it, it really can.

I'll also try to hit on some hot, touchy topics, in the hopes that it will encourage some interest amongst the general populous.

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